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The only way to advertise on DuckDuckGo is to buy ads on Bing?

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Welp. It’s the crypto bug of the year. Mark it down for April. Java 15-18 ECDSA doesn’t sanity check that the random x coordinate and signature proof are nonzero; a (0,0) signature validates any message. Breaks JWT, SAML, &c.

I learned a few tricks for writing cleaner Golang table-driven tests by reading the @litestreamio source

Here's what I got done this week:
* Searched for a marketing agency
* Edited documentation for using H264 w/ uStreamer
* Visited Boston

When I get a spammy email from a sales rep at a reputable company, I sometimes send a polite email to their CEO asking them to knock it off.

Today, it worked.

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Two things I reflected on a lot last month:

- Doing is a lot harder than consuming.
- You can save money doing things yourself, but you'll pay the price eventually with your time.

A couple small improvements to the retrospectives on my blog. My TinyPilot graphs now show profit instead of just revenue, and there are now buttons that let you go forwards and backwards in time.

Episode 3 of Deliberate Programming is up. This is me breaking down 2 hours of work on PicoShare (a golang web app) to identify anti-patterns in my dev practices.

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The live read replica beta feature of @litestreamio now has documentation - it looks very straightforward to setup, the primary database runs a web server and replicas then subscribe to it by URL

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My latest retro reads more like a sad diary entry. I don't necessarily feel the same way, but I have to publish it nonetheless [for consistency].

Here's my March in review:

Here's what I got done this week:
* Published my March retrospective
* Figured out how to do multiarch Docker builds
* Improved my blog templates and build process

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March Retro

This month I dabbled in Alpine and Go templates before pushing a series of updates to Mudmap . io

March was TinyPilot's best sales month ever, reaching $69k in revenue. I'm debating whether to keep reinvesting in growth or start taking a profit. Plus, I share everything I wish I knew before spending $40k (and counting!) on a website redesign.

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March retro!


Pegasus is humming, Griffin is flailing, and I have no clue what my long-term plan is.

I came into each episode expecting the interviewee to be some inaccessible genius who succeeded through raw talent.

What's striking is that they all feel like normal developers who took on a bold project and worked hard at it for years.

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The do-everything-yourself style of Andreas's OS was inspired from his time working at Apple, where he saw how powerful it could be when a single organization controls the entire stack.

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And finally, there's @awesomekling, who created an entire OS from scratch, complete with web browser, games, and several other applications.

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The homesteading part to me wasn't SQLite but Fossil, the source control system Hipp invented for developing SQLite. It would never occur to me to just create my own source control system to match my needs.

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In @DRichardHipp's interview, he talks about inventing SQLite because he needed a database that could run on a military battleship and continue working even if other components on the ship were damaged.

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In the beginning, critics called Zig a toy language, so Andrew set the goal not just to get people to take him seriously, but to completely unseat C as the de facto choice for low-level programming language.

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