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If you're not familiar, LogPaste is a tiny service I created to help me accept diagnostic logs easily from TinyPilot users. It also let me experiment with @litestream in a real app. It's open-source / MIT licensed, so you can use it for anything you want.

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A user requested a dark mode option for LogPaste, my self-hostable pastebin service. I've never made a dark mode for anything, so I added the feature over the weekend. It's now available as an option in LogPaste 0.2.4.

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I paused my ecomm dreams and fired up my SaaS dreams.

Let's build some software!

Here's my October in review:

My blog's bandwidth can spike up to ~1 TB per month, but some months it's only 50 GB, so I want something that's <$20/mo in the slow months but can handle big spikes affordably.

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The dealbreaker for a lot of vendors is that they want to take over my build. In other words, they want me to give them my source repo and tell them how to build it.

I want a dumb file host that just accepts a set of static files and doesn't care how I built them.

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I'm looking to move away from Firebase for static web hosting, but I'm not seeing any good options outside the big three cloud providers. Am I missing any good vendors?

What the heck? I was following @KennethCassel, but now I'm following a spam account impersonating him and not following the real Kenneth. How did they do that?

Big thanks to @workpail for proactively monitoring the signups and tamping down the spammers before it became a real problem!

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I was so excited to see 137 THOUSAND new users sign up for @WhatGotDone today, but then @jupiterunknown burst my bubble by telling me that they're all spambots.

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I think of the Food Pyramid as a pie chart of how successful different lobbying groups are. Bad job, Big Salt!

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October Retrospective

✅ Recharge month
✅ Doubled down on Go
✅ Deployed my first Go app

Here's what I got done this week:
* Interviewed EE vendors about building next TinyPilot
* Caught up on emails post-vacation
* Drove a Porsche Carrera GT

Answer: Git for Windows tries to use a different SSH client than the system native version, so it was missing my key.

Fix was to set git config --global core.sshCommand to the correct SSH binary. Thanks to @mdriley25519 for pointing me in the right direction!

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Extra clues:

* This only happens on Windows. I can git clone everything fine from Linux.
* I'm using the Windows native OpenSSH client.
* This is a public repo, so it shouldn't have anything to do with permissions.
* I can git clone private repos hosted on VSTS

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What am I missing here? My SSH keys work with Github, but when I try to git clone, Github rejects my SSH key.

I discontinued one of my Pi products, so I now have ~200 leftover Argon NEO Pi 4 cases.

If you want some at a discount, I'm selling them on eBay. If you want 20+, I'm happy to sell them in bulk at a lower price:

Hackaday was one of the first publications to give TinyPilot attention when I launched it, so it's cool to see them sticking around and following my progress on the prjoect.
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Hardware Project Becomes Successful Product for Solo Developer

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