Here's what I got done this week:
* Created a REST endpoint for TinyPilot versioning
* Added sanity checking to my
* Explored new tools for code review

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The tech stack of the future for the next🦄 in 30min:

@golang + SQLite + @litestreamio + @Tailscale with SSH running on @flydotio.

It is literally MAGIC! 🪄

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New keyboard. I’ll slow down for a while, but should speed up considerably. I can type at ~80 words per minute now. Hopefully can get into the many 100s with some practice. @CharaChorder

Great article by @hynek about testing. Instead of mocking an external dependency, define your own interface, and mock that instead. It's one of those good testing hygiene practices that makes your production code better.
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Ever wondered what to mock in your tests?

You’ve heard of “Don’t Mock What You Don’t Own”, but it made no sense to you?

I’ve written something just for you:

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When you buy a record or CD, you own it, thanks to copyright's "first sale" principle. I have criticisms of copyright law, but at least it's created by a democratically accountable legislature. When you buy a digital download, your use is governed by private ToS, not law. 1/

Here's what I got done this week:
* Worked on making TinyPilot's updates more robust
* Started experimenting with Amazon ads
* Continued rebuilding my old comedy website

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A week ago I started researching the world of website flipping. I've been curious about the practice essentially as a way to diversify my investment portfolio.

Today I purchased my first site to flip.

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Would anyone be interested in a cohort based course focused on launching $1M -$10M/year indie internet businesses without raising VC? 🤔

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I've been hacking on DataStation for a year now so time for a retro and what's next!

4k+ stars in 15 repos. 7 posts on the front of HN. Dozens of failed investor chats (including YC).

tldr; DataStation has a bright future & I'm on the job market. :)

Loving my tiny pilot voyager 2! @michael has a fantastic product 👍

Here's what I got done this week:
* Published my May retrospective
* Finished replacing a Python microservice with Go
* Postmortem with design agency about web redesign

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I used Facebook ads to build a pre-launch email list of 101 people.

Here's my May in review:

TinyPilot's eight-month, $46k website redesign is finally complete. In this month's retrospective, I explore how the project got so expensive and whether it was worth it.

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Setup my @flydotio account and deployed @deliberatecoder's PicoShare today.

Couldn't be easier, love using flyctl

I just started listening to @PJVogt's new podcast about web3, and he so eloquently articulates what I find intriguing about web3 despite my many misgivings.

Pleased to open Hacker News today and see @monicalent on the front page.

Here's what I got done this week:
* Finally wrapped TinyPilot's website redesign
* Scheduled the next W. Mass Indie Founders meeting
* Reached front page of Hacker News twice

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In May's retro I come to terms with my declining product revenue and decide it's time to stop fucking around.

@Gina I know! I'm in the process of ripping some new Friends Blu-Rays, and I'm blown way by how exactly the same Jennifer Aniston looks. She's pulling a Dorian Gray.

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