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At Substack, we don’t make moderation decisions based on public pressure or PR considerations.

An important principle for us is defending free expression, even for stuff we personally dislike or disagree with. We understand principles come at a cost. 🧵

Does anyone have recommendations for books that helped you improve the way you provide customer service?

I thought Delivering Happiness had some good ideas, but I'm looking for something focused on techniques and skill improvement.

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2021 was quite the year!

I left my job of 15+ years.

I exceeded my profit target from my SaaS projects by almost $50k.

I gained the freedom to work entirely on my own terms.

And I maybe became a Covid activist?

Details here: coryzue.com/writing/financial-

Here's what I got done this week:
* Started handoff to a new EE partner
* Published a new episode of Deliberate Programming
* Continued redesign of TinyPilot's update process

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Using @litestreamio and re-discovering sqlite3 is one of these once in a decade revelations… can’t believe how fast and easy a database setup can be.
If you out-scale this, you are probably ready to hire a whole team to solve that problem for you 🙃 twitter.com/tobi/status/147709

If you don't have patience for the whole thing, one cool part is my demo of how I use @litestreamio and SQLite to replicate my live production database into my local environment. It takes only a few seconds and introduces zero downtime. At 47:06 youtu.be/_XuJaHJGgrc?t=2826

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I just published episode two of Deliberate Programming. In this episode, I attempt to implement some JavaScript code that would get me no-hired in a coding interview, but I learn some useful lessons along the way. youtu.be/_XuJaHJGgrc

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New episode is up!

Michael Lynch (@deliberatecoder) - On quitting Google for indie hacking, bootstrapping to $450K+ ARR in public, writing personal retrospectives and more


My chat with @SWMisadventures came out today, and it's one of the most fun interviews I've done.

We talk about why I love retrospectives, how well bootstrapping matched up with my expectations, and my most catastrophic software sales experience. softwaremisadventures.com/podc

For most of 2021, I was paying Google Cloud Platform $36/month to serve two GCS buckets from a custom domain.

In November, I switched to @BunnyCDN to do the same thing, and I've accrued a whopping $0.003 in total usage fees.

Here's what I got done this week:
* Released a new version of TinyPilot
* Led the January dev meeting
* Discovered I'm in love with web 1.0

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A very short, very late December retro:

💵 $12k profit
🦠 Viral essay

I mostly published this to keep the streak going (approaching 5 years!).

More substantive stuff coming soon.


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📕 📚 ❤️❤️❤️ ⁦@ucpress⁩

Shopify is currently down, so you can no longer buy things on the Internet.

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So my Covid essay went a bit... viral? (sorry)

In the week since publication, "Coming Clean" has been viewed 200k times. Many people even read it!

Here are a few thoughts and details about the essay's reception and what the past week has been like.


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It’s been 6 months since I left my full-time job to go indie hacking, and I’m not successful yet. What gives?

Well, it’s harder than I thought 😅

Here’s my December in review:

Here's what I got done this week:
* Migrated all my data to my new @TrueNAS server
* Reviewed TinyPilot design changes
* Published my December retrospective

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My 2021 income streams:

• video course: $78,620
• cohort course: $79,285
• ebook: $16,952
• cutting boards: $4,495
• membership: $29,895
• freelancing: $120,000
• affiliate sales: $2,020
• saas: $4,582

revenue: $335,849
profit: $304,498

December was TinyPilot's second-highest revenue month ever at $55k. I finally launched the Voyager 2 and debuted the new logo. I also learned the importance of structuring design projects and why I need to copy @yongfook's approach to customer support. mtlynch.io/retrospectives/2022

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