For most of 2021, I was paying Google Cloud Platform $36/month to serve two GCS buckets from a custom domain.

In November, I switched to @BunnyCDN to do the same thing, and I've accrued a whopping $0.003 in total usage fees.

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📕 📚 ❤️❤️❤️ ⁦@ucpress⁩

Shopify is currently down, so you can no longer buy things on the Internet.

Just received my copy of @sayanniething's first book, Their Own Best Creations: Women Writers in Postwar Television. Excited to start reading!

Here's what I got done this week:
* Debuted TinyPilot's new logo
* Added a 401(k) plan for TinyPilot fulfillment staff
* Built a homelab @TrueNAS server

Upgraded my homelab VM server to add in a 2 TB SSD and another 64 GB of RAM. New stats:

48 CPU cores
128 GB RAM

I've been migrating services from GCP to Fly, and one of the features I missed from GCP was integrated logging from the web dashboard.

Today, Fly added integrated logging!
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Just landed – view logs in your dashboard:

(@joao_lubien built this with ~180 lines of LiveView)

1 TB of SSD was also a good choice, but I'm reaching the limit. I provision VMs with a 40 GB disk, but as I do more work in Docker, I find myself having to manually prune images too frequently. I purchased an additional 2 TB SSD, so now I'll have 3 TB total.

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64 GB of RAM was a good starting point, but I'm starting to reach the ceiling. I occasionally have to turn off VMs to free up RAM for a new system, and I'd rather just not worry about it. I ordered another 64 GB, since I left 4 RAM slots free in the original build.

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The dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 CPUs ended up being WAY overkill. In over a year, I've rarely exceeded 50% CPU usage.

I'm tempted to just sell one of the CPUs since it seems like I only need one, but it feels sinful to run a dual CPU mobo with just one CPU.

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A reader emailed me asking if I'd change anything today about my 2020 homelab server build. It's worked great for me, but in retrospect, I definitely made some mistakes.

On Plausible, the same operation takes 3 seconds, and most of that is just the time it takes me to click the menu.

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Compared with Plausible, Google Analytics is horrendously slow.

On GA, it takes 18 seconds to load the dashboard and pull up metrics for the previous month.

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I kept both running in November just to see a side-by-side comparison.

Google Analytics: 13.6k readers, 27.5k pageviews
Plausbile: 21k readers, 35.1k pageviews

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Now that I have a full month of data, @litestreamio v0.3.6 made a huge difference. It reduced my cloud storage costs by 95%.

The cost was only $0.22 to start, but very cool that it maintains a footprint so small that it fits in S3's free tier.
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Litestream v0.3.6 has been released. It fixes a bug in the sync that caused frequent LIST operations against S3 replicas which increased cost.…

Can someone help out this poor, definitely-not-a-scam lifestyle magazine editor?

Although they run a lifestyle blog, by some terrible stroke of luck, nobody on their team knows how to make links!

I suspect the cause is my background task for pulling down impression counts from Google Analytics. It runs every five minutes and does about 100 separate DB writes. The multiple writes are a vestige of Firestore, and they could just be a single transaction.

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Okay, first hiccup. Even though my DB is only ~3 MB, the snapshots have expanded to 138 MB in a few hours.

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I'm also expecting a cost reduction of about 98%. I've been paying $30-50/month to run What Got Done on AppEngine. Now, I expect it to fit in the free tier of fly, so my only real cost is a few pennies per month for Backblaze storage.

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