I have two employees who go into TinyPilot's office for a few hours each evening to ship out new orders. The Internet went out at the office Monday, but I didn't find out until an employee got there and couldn't work.

Now, I have @cronhubio to proactively alert me of outages.

The VGA to HDMI adaptors I sell for TinyPilot come with a 3.5 mm stereo cable that I don't use, so I always set them aside. Now I have 150 of them and have no idea what to do.

Suggestions for anywhere I can sell or donate them? I want to get rid of them all in one shot.

My May retrospective is on the front page of Hacker News!

Thanks to @tnorthcutt for submitting it. I never expect my retrospectives to gain any traction on HN, but this one seems like it piqued people's interest.

Eight years ago, I registered a separate domain name with wildcard email forwarding to my real email. When a form asks for my email address, I put in [service][at]mythrowawaydomain

When someone shares my email for spam, I can identify where the spammers got my email and block it
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@AlexBMorse I donated to your congressional campaign, but it looks like that resulted in my email address being shared with unrela…

Last Thursday, I migrated the blog post over to the TinyPilot site. I set the rel="canonical" tag on the mtlynch.io version to point to the tinypilotkvm.com version.

I Googled "tinypilot" today, and it worked! Google only shows the migrated version.

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I had a SEO experience this week that went better than expected.

The issue was that the original blog post I wrote about TinyPilot (on my personal blog) was often the top result when users Google "tinypilot"

But I wanted visitors to go directly to the TinyPilot website.

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Google employees' disgust and concern is immediately evident.
Even a privacy-focused Google engineer couldn’t protect her/his own location from the company. There is more here that's insane where they use non-google builds to try to not be tracked by their own company. /15 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Google’s own employees even comment how Apple is eating its lunch in the US market. No doubt, this only has become more so as Apple rolled out enhanced privacy features on iOS and its browser while Google’s surveillance economics continue to get more and more attention. /12

Oh, wow. This is worse than I was expecting.

I hope Google gets hit hard for this. Tricking users into nonstop sharing of their location data is such an egregious privacy violation.
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more unsealed docs, this time in the Google case led by Arizona Attorney General.
The newly unsealed material is underlined in green unsealed this week (left). Last year, Google proactively unsealed less risky materia…

tl;dr - Instead of remembering to validate everywhere, use static typing to convert untrusted input into an explicit *type* that ensures the validation occurred.

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You can now list your Mastodon address in your WhatGotDone profile @joinmastodon

One of the odd things about selling a Raspberry Pi-based product is that vendors don't really want to sell me Raspberry Pis.

They sell them as loss-leaders for add-on products, so when I come along and buy *just* Pis, they sometimes get annoyed and tell me to stop ordering.

After creating a first draft outline for Refactoring English, I reached out for feedback from people who asked for updates about the book. The green circles represent topics people said they were most interested in, the red represent topics people found least compelling.

Finally launched a @WhatGotDone feature I've wanted for a while: profile photos!
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Profile photos are now live! Give your What Got Done profile some personality by adding a photo.

The nice thing about Google Analytics v4 being so horrendously bad was that it finally gave me the push I needed to start migrating to @plausible

Plausible: open-source, privacy-sensitive, publish excellent articles, bootstrapped, and they build in public.
Google Analytics: closed source, privacy-hostile, painfully slow, and complicated.

I looked at PandaDoc, and it claims to offer "templates," but I don't see a way of parameterizing the content.

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What's the process of adding one of these banners to my site? I have customers that are trusted brands, but I don't want to violate their privacy.

What's the right way of approaching them about listing them publicly as a customer?

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