I noticed recently that running @WhatGotDone was costing me $30/month, which is surprisingly high given that it's an AppEngine Go app with only a handful of users. Digging into the costs turned out to be harder than I expected, but I made some progress.

The first problem is figuring out how to see my costs at all. I have a bunch of GCP projects, so to see my costs specifically for What Got Done, I had to go to Billing > Reports and then filter by Project.

Then, by changing "Group By" to Service, I saw a breakdown of costs by service.

But that's still confusing because I don't use Compute Engine at all, so how am I accruing GCE charges?

After lots of dead ends, I finally figured out that the proper way to drill down further is to choose "Group By" as SKU. That showed my two top charges as:

HTTP Load Balancing: Global Forwarding Rule Minimum Service Charge: $18
Frontend Instances Northern Virginia: $10

I'm still not clear on whether/how I can eliminate the load balancer, but Googling around AppEngine costs led me to this SO question: stackoverflow.com/q/47125661/9

I had tons of old versions running at 0% traffic. Not sure if they were accruing charges, but I deleted them all and disabled auto-incrementing versions in my deployment, so now there's only ever one version. github.com/mtlynch/whatgotdone


Update: I figured out that I can eliminate the GCP HTTP Load Balancer and IP by putting Bunny CDN in front of my GCS bucket and mapping the CNAME there instead. I'm expecting to go from $20/mo per site to around $2/mo.
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Okay, my favorite solution for this is @BunnyCDN. It took me 5 minutes to get working and they start at $1/month and $0.01/GB for bandwidth.

I've been paying $30 minimum + $0.12/GB on GCS lik…

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