When users upload images to @WhatGotDone, I copy them to Google Cloud Storage for serving.

In May, I started using GCP's HTTP Load Balancer to serve the images from tidy https։//media.whatgotdone.com URLs, but this drove up my monthly costs by 10x.

What's the better solution?

It would be nice if I could point the media.whatgotdone subdomain to a CDN, and then the CDN fetches data from GCS's long https։//storage.googleapis.com/media.whatgotdone.com/ URL.

Cloudflare maybe can do that, but they want to own the site's whole DNS, which I don't want


It looks like @KeyCDN might support this. I'm deploying a "zone" now. I'll know in a few minutes whether it worked.

Okay, my favorite solution for this is @BunnyCDN. It took me 5 minutes to get working and they start at $1/month and $0.01/GB for bandwidth.

I've been paying $30 minimum + $0.12/GB on GCS like a sucker!

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