I did a neat long-tail SEO thing. In just one week, I got WanderJest to appear on the first page of Google results for searches related to live comedy.

I don't have a way to scale it yet, but it's fun seeing the experiment work.

A short thread about how I did it.

Currently, most Google results for "comedy near [city]" are terrible. They're links to ticket vendors that have a small subset of shows or they show results that aren't comedy. I want my site, WanderJest, to outcompete those sites.

I generated pages that match niche search terms and added them to my sitemap.xml.

Now, if a user searches "standup near easthampton, MA," I have a page dedicated to that exact question.

And I'm not doing anything clever or sketchy in generating the page. I follow live comedy in Western Mass, and I hand-curated these results. This is the most complete list available of upcoming comedy shows in the area.

The shortcut is that I'm only generating pages for a small subset of cities. The pages all have identical show listings because all the upcoming shows are in Northampton, MA, so I generated pages for every city within 30 miles of Northampton.

It also works for terms like "standup near me" if you live in Western Massachusetts.

No effect yet on SEO performance, but I'm interested to see how this changes as I add more content and live comedy grows post-COVID.


Shoutout to @thenuka_k who taught me about long-tail SEO and gave me a lot of the ideas I'm trying in this experiment.

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