Here's what I got done this week:
* Published a new release of TinyPilot
* Moved TinyPilot image build process to Pi cloud servers
* Decided to upgrade my main desktop's SSD

To build @tinypilotkvm's microSD images, I've been using a spare Pi 4 + SSD in the corner of my office. Now that I can instantly spin up a clean Raspbian image, I can generate them in a more portable way that my teammates can reproduce.

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I've been wishing for months that I could find a cloud hosting provider that let me provision bare metal Raspberry Pi servers. I discovered this week that @Mythic_Beasts has offered it for a year! Service is great, and prices are fantastic.

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We just released a new version of TinyPilot! It includes support for controlling TinyPilot programmatically, plaintext HTTP mode, and better information about updates from the web dashboard

Here's what I got done this week:
* Led TinyPilot's July sprint planning
* Adopted a real inventory system for TinyPilot
* Made lots of WanderJest changes to impress Google

Just received my print copy of Write Useful Books by @robfitz. One of the best value products I've ever purchased.

For $24, I got:
* early access to the ebook (taught me a ton about writing nonfiction)
* access to an authors' community
* now, this nice print edition of the book

Here's what I got done this week:
* Hired a developer for the TinyPilot website
* Continued resurrecting WanderJest, a live comedy site
* Replaced Google Feedburner (RIP) w/ a cloud function

It continues to surprise me how valuable it is to write these retrospectives. I realized in the course of writing my latest retro that I should decline a partnership that I was planning to make.

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All year, I've been trying and failing to do two things for TinyPilot: iterate on the hardware and hire a web developer. In my June retro, I talk about why I've been stuck and how I'm trying to fix it.

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Our friends @VVMentors host their first in-person Community Night on Wednesday, July 14th, 5-8 p.m. at the Innovation Center. Network, hear pitches, and meet founders from across the entrepreneur community:

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A bittersweet ending to my 4 year dev job.

This is my June in review👇

Shoutout to @thenuka_k who taught me about long-tail SEO and gave me a lot of the ideas I'm trying in this experiment.

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No effect yet on SEO performance, but I'm interested to see how this changes as I add more content and live comedy grows post-COVID.

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It also works for terms like "standup near me" if you live in Western Massachusetts.

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The shortcut is that I'm only generating pages for a small subset of cities. The pages all have identical show listings because all the upcoming shows are in Northampton, MA, so I generated pages for every city within 30 miles of Northampton.

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And I'm not doing anything clever or sketchy in generating the page. I follow live comedy in Western Mass, and I hand-curated these results. This is the most complete list available of upcoming comedy shows in the area.

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I generated pages that match niche search terms and added them to my sitemap.xml.

Now, if a user searches "standup near easthampton, MA," I have a page dedicated to that exact question.

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Currently, most Google results for "comedy near [city]" are terrible. They're links to ticket vendors that have a small subset of shows or they show results that aren't comedy. I want my site, WanderJest, to outcompete those sites.

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I did a neat long-tail SEO thing. In just one week, I got WanderJest to appear on the first page of Google results for searches related to live comedy.

I don't have a way to scale it yet, but it's fun seeing the experiment work.

A short thread about how I did it.

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