Here's what I got done this week:
* Led sprint planning for next TinyPilot release
* Searched for internal company mailing list solutions
* Discovered the joy of home document digitization

I published the little Ansible role I'm using to set up the heartbeat server with @cronhubio

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I looked into other uptime monitoring solutions that were more geared toward "heartbeat monitoring" (e.g. UptimeRobot) because I wasn't sure if Cronhub would be the best fit, but Cronhub had a much better documentation and a UI that showed me more of what I needed to know.

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I have two employees who go into TinyPilot's office for a few hours each evening to ship out new orders. The Internet went out at the office Monday, but I didn't find out until an employee got there and couldn't work.

Now, I have @cronhubio to proactively alert me of outages.

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A bit late but this I've finished May's retrospective.

The month started bad but finished on a high. Writing helps me remember that!

• Deployed
• Published the Documentation
• Hit second on Google search 😎

The VGA to HDMI adaptors I sell for TinyPilot come with a 3.5 mm stereo cable that I don't use, so I always set them aside. Now I have 150 of them and have no idea what to do.

Suggestions for anywhere I can sell or donate them? I want to get rid of them all in one shot.

Want to follow a #Twitter account?

1. Go to
2. Enter the account's Twitter handle
3. Copy the resulting account handle
4. Search in Mastodon for that handle
5. Click "Follow"

#MastoTips #FediTips

Here's what I got done this week:
* Terminated a trial hire with a freelance dev
* Reviewed PRs to download a disk image from URL
* Published my May retrospective

My May retrospective is on the front page of Hacker News!

Thanks to @tnorthcutt for submitting it. I never expect my retrospectives to gain any traction on HN, but this one seems like it piqued people's interest.

In May, TinyPilot made $39k in sales, but that was barely enough to cover costs.

In my latest retrospective, I talk about how @getajobmike's advice helped me reevaluate my business and how I need to embrace my role as a manager.

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Get yourself a host, who will misspell your domain in a tweet and then go register that domain and point it your way ❤️

Posted originally on twitter, automatically crossposted to Mastodon 

Posted originally on twitter, automatically crossposted to Mastodon 

Folks, what's a great up-to-date resource on web components in 2021?

I want to progressively enhance a few bits on a client site. This is looking to be a great opportunity to both try one out and not dish out a whole React site!

(Excited af btw 🎉)

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May retro: "It's time to build"

In which:

- I cross $8k in product income for the first time
- I build more self-indulgent graphs of my indie hacking progress
- I treat myself to a "build month" - because I've earned it.

Eight years ago, I registered a separate domain name with wildcard email forwarding to my real email. When a form asks for my email address, I put in [service][at]mythrowawaydomain

When someone shares my email for spam, I can identify where the spammers got my email and block it
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@AlexBMorse I donated to your congressional campaign, but it looks like that resulted in my email address being shared with unrela…

This weekend, I published a Python package for Zestful, my ingredient parsing API.

I always wanted to, but I didn't know how to publish to PyPI. I learned earlier this year for another project, so it suddenly occurred to me that I could finally do it.

This is not super magical, but my experience with SEO is that results always take months and multiple tries, and you never know why it finally worked. It was nice to have something in SEO just work the way I expected the first time I try.

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Last Thursday, I migrated the blog post over to the TinyPilot site. I set the rel="canonical" tag on the version to point to the version.

I Googled "tinypilot" today, and it worked! Google only shows the migrated version.

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I had a SEO experience this week that went better than expected.

The issue was that the original blog post I wrote about TinyPilot (on my personal blog) was often the top result when users Google "tinypilot"

But I wanted visitors to go directly to the TinyPilot website.

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Google employees' disgust and concern is immediately evident.
Even a privacy-focused Google engineer couldn’t protect her/his own location from the company. There is more here that's insane where they use non-google builds to try to not be tracked by their own company. /15 🤦🏼‍♂️

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