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Check out this Raspberry Pi KVM over IP made by @tinypilotkvm


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"[TinyPilot] is something I literally use every day in my rack, in my homelab to remote into things more easily and to get to different sections of my systems that I wouldn't be able to get to via SSH." youtube.com/watch?v=Z6VKlOFOo9

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"I really like the project. I like the fact that it's turnkey, complete, very simple to use. I didn't even have to ask any questions to the developer when it came to support." youtube.com/watch?v=oQT07snEIA

We did manage to ship out the order same-day, mostly due to the help of my girlfriend, who works with me on TinyPilot.

I told the customer that it's unusual for us to do that (don't want it to be expected), but I take pride in being able to do stuff that bigger companies can't.

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This afternoon, a customer asked if we could overnight 3 TinyPilots

At dinner, my gf said, "It's pretty cool that someone loves TinyPilot so much that they were like, 'I need three of them *right now*!'"

I hadn't thought of it that way, and it made me feel proud of the product.

The motivation is to make What Got Done easier to use. The site has almost 500 registered users, but only about 10 users are active.

I consistently get new signups, but they immediately drop off after a few days. I suspect that the onboarding isn't intuitive enough.

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That strategy actually kind of worked out. Every time I came back to the code after a few months, more bugs had been fixed in my dependencies, so the work of implementing it got easier.

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I started working on this almost exactly a year ago. I'd work on it for a few days, then run into bugs with my UI testing tools, get discouraged, and shelve it again.

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I've been working on this feature off and on for a year, and I'm glad to finally release it.
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New feature: rich-text editor for weekly updates. You can still write in pure Markdown, but now there's a WYSIWYG option.

This Matt Gaetz story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Hey Google, if you're indexing pages that I told you not to crawl, I should be sending *you* scary warnings about it.

Here's what I got done this week:
* Started training a new TinyPilot assistant
* Experimented with @flydotio + @WireGuardVPN
* Open-sourced my daily data backup script

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Build & sell a developer tools business on

Design: refactoringui.com/book/ by @adamwathan
Deploy: gumroad.com/l/aws-good-parts by @dvassallo
Write: philipkiely.com/wfsd (me)
Share: gumroad.com/l/htfphn by @deliberatecoder
Sell: gumroad.com/l/zerotosold by @arvidkahl

This part felt particularly poignant, where Danielle explained what motivates people to buy her products even when the product is just a fleeting joke

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Way late to this, but I finally listened to @djbaskin's 2019 interview with @IndieHackers. It immediately became a favorite. Can't think of another maker who comes close in terms of making so many products that generate as much excitement and curiosity. indiehackers.com/podcast/093-d

Related a lot to this post. The times when I feel most discouraged about being an indie developer is when testing out new marketing channels.

It's frustrating when experiments fail, even more frustrating when you can't tell if they failed or they'll pay off in 6 months.
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Wow-eee let's talk about burnout folks!

In my March retrospective, I talk about coming to terms with a drop of over 50% in revenue since January and finding some upside to it. I'm also in the early stages of building a TinyPilot office that isn't my house. mtlynch.io/retrospectives/2021

I love restic, but it doesn't provide much support for replicating to more than one storage backend at a time. I couldn't find any way to script it to use multiple backends, so I wrote my own API. Here's my nightly backup script, which now uses resticpy: github.com/mtlynch/mtlynch-bac

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It was a short, productive week.

* Made the billing system live on @RehabitOnline.
* Added a notification system.
* Fixed a ton of bugs at work.

Here's what I got done: whatgotdone.com/michaelcampbel

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