I've been a longtime fan of @geerlingguy's work on Ansible and his experiments with Raspberry Pi. I was thrilled yesterday when he published a video demonstrating the TinyPilot Voyager, and he said many kind things about it.
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Control ANY computer with these Raspberry Pi KVMs: youtube.com/watch?v=TIrkEr2AeD

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Inspired by digital archiving champions like @textfiles, @carlmalamud and @thedonz5, I'm finally committing to completing my own person "yes we scan!" project - 35 years in the making. youtube.com/watch?v=cdzzTHulHK

And this is why I still buy and rip CDs and DVDs, or download and save in DRM-free formats: so that what I’ve bought remains with me, unless *I* delete it.

QT v0max: Just a reminder that when you "purchase" music online, you're not buying the music, only a temporary revocable license.

I noticed that several albums I had purchased years ago had silently disappeared from my library. When I contacted @apple, they told me it's not their problem.

Here's what I got done this week:
* Interviewed designers for a TinyPilot redesign
* Reached code complete on September release
* Grew my live comedy site by 10x (still tiny)

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I tried to avoid writing this retro.

A month of failing to get things out the door & feeling embarrassed about it.

Here's my August in review:

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A few days ago I decided on a whim to change the cost of a Pegasus license from $295 to $299.

This snap decision ended up costing me hours of my life, and possibly hundreds of dollars.

A short story... 1/n

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1/ We're no longer pursuing building @maybe around part-time/fractional employment.

Here's the note I sent to the team last week.

While I'm still bullish on the concept, I no longer believe it can work for *new* product/software companies. At least it didn't for us.


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Hey everyone, I'm starting a podcast!

I'll be hosting conversations around the ideas shaping crypto.

The first episode is with @VitalikButerin and @karl_dot_tech, where we go deep on retroactive public goods funding.

You can listen/subscribe here: share.transistor.fm/s/0f9aa81e

For fun, I checked the other 25 domain names that are a single letter followed by "paste.com". One domain registrar/squatter holds nine of them. Asking prices in ascending order:

bpaste.com: $2095
tpaste.com: $2795
apaste.com: $2895
qpaste.com: $3295
npaste.com: $3395
xpaste.com: $4995
gpaste.com: $4795
lpaste.com: $5595
fpaste.com: $6495

In the event that any of these actually sell, I think I should get a cut, for making this a desirable neighborhood.

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I don't usually recommend info products (or stuff generally)

But I've just started "Hit the Front Page of Hacker News" by @deliberatecoder

and GOD it's so well made!!

Here's what I got done this week:
* Began interviewing designers for a website redesign
* Led TinyPilot sprint planning meeting
* Fiddled with the TinyPilot website

TinyPilot's revenues are up, but I'm still running at an $8k/mo loss for third consecutive month.

In my August retrospective, I talk about how I plan to fix that with a new distribution partner and investing more into a professional checkout flow mtlynch.io/retrospectives/2021

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August retrospective

This was a tough month for me and it showed up in my output.

One of the biggest downsides of solo development is having no one to pick up your slack when you fall.


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Ivermectin, Oklahoma, Rolling Stone, Overdoses, what's going on?

Scott Fucking Alexander has your back. And if you've never read Scott before, stay there and read everything until you've felt the enlightenment descend upon you.

I'm looking to hire a design consultant to help me improve the TinyPilot website. Have you worked with a designer you loved? docs.google.com/document/d/1dy

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August was a complicated month, but I did manage to check off several personal goals:

✅ $8k profit
✅ major @saaspegasus release
✅ publish an essay
✅ survive covid


Here's what I got done this week:
* Wrote a simple geolocation service in 2 hours
* Drafted requirements for TinyPilot's first SaaS add-on
* Learned to crop photos from JS (it's hard!)

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